Camino de Santiago in Alcohol Inks

Landscape Paintings

Camino de Santiago Paintings in Alcohol Ink

Here I share with a very personal journey….

I walked El Camino de Santiago twice, and still I want to return. The short version; it is a 500 mile hike across nothing Spain. Officially (the most popular, Camino Frances) starts just across the border in France, in St Jean Pied de Port, and continues west for 500 miles all the way to Santiago de Compestela. Well further if you want to walk all the way to the end of the earth to Finesterre! Well that’s what the pilgrims used to believe! These days people with all different beliefs and reason take on the journey.

You find your way by following yellow arrows and blue shells all the way from east to west, as well as the thousands of pilgrims that take on the challenge every year also. Don’t get me wrong, when I say thousands, it sounds absolutely jam packed, and in the busy seasons it can seem this way, but there are many opportunities for isolation and reflection if that’s what you need, but a big part of what I love is the sense of community and comradery among everyone also walking this journey.

At risk of waffling on about this, which I could do for hours! … I’ll simply say it was amazing, and unlike any experience I’ve ever had, and recommend it to anyone. It’s an experience I’ve gone back once already to do, and an experience I will return to do again, at least one more time, if not more in my lifetime. 

And for anyone wondering and wanting to know more about the Camino de Santiago, click here to read more in my blog, of my experience and my journey.

The Artwork

It’s a journey I don’t want to let go of, and one that is what has inspired these contemporary paintings through the use of a modern medium of alcohol inks. I have also shared a personal aspect of the journey for me by sharing a blurb from the journal I wrote along the way. Please enjoy.

(Enlarge the image to read the journal entry)

All of the Camino de Santiago artwork is sold as art prints at a very reasonable price, so please contact me if you are interested, it all depends on size as to the cost! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for the price, there is after all no obligation to buy to simply ask a price.