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Kate comes from an artistic and creative family background and as a child growing up in Stockport, England she would often be found caught up in some form of creative activity. Not surprisingly, Kate has always believed art was her ultimate calling. After leaving school Kate studied art and design at Stockport College for two years, followed by four years of study, and achieved a bachelors degree in Interior Design at Huddersfield University. Art is widely recognised as done for love and not for money – many a famous artist died in poverty – and Kate was readily aware of the need to pay the bills, but deciding Interior Design wasn’t her passion she trained and spent ten years working as a hairdresser whilst continuing to explore her artistic path in her spare time. Although hairdressing provided her with a creative outlet it never gave her the sense of purpose, fulfilment and self-expression that art did. More recently Kate made the decision to respond to the call, follow her heart, and reconnect fully with her passion for painting. Like life itself, the path of the artist is an ever evolving, driven by the irrepressible urge for growth and self-actualisation. Forever curious and keen to discover, Kate has explored a variety of artistic directions which influence her paintings today. Acrylics are her favoured medium and team perfectly with her love for mixed media. Although Kate experiments frequently with a wide range of subject matters, her bold use of colour, energy and mixed media techniques are what identify her. Her current works combine vibrant colour and pattern in both an abstract and occasionally recognisable form. Although Kate would not describe herself as a landscape artist, her influences frequently come from the beauty to be found in nature. Kate hopes people aren’t only captivated by her work but also feel a deep sense of connection, either with a whole piece or with some element of it. Kate was living in Calgary, Canada for 11 years but has recently returned to the UK with her husband to pursue her art career.


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Exhibition at Nolias Gallery
Exhibition at Nolias Gallery

Curriculum Vitae


Artsploration, Calgary: Fine Art: Acrylic and Watercolour

Swinton’s Studios: Fine Art: Acrylic

Huddersfield University, England: Interior Design

Stockport College, England: Art and Design

Various mixed media workshops, throughout Calgary.



May/June 2018 | Derbyshire Open Arts | Darley Dale, UK

April 2017 | Calyx | Calgary, Canada

April 2017 | Beacon Original Arts | Calgary, Canada

April 2017 | Peoples Portrait Prize | Calgary, Canada

April 2017 | Alberta Affordable Art | Calgary, Canada

March 2017 | RAW: Narural Born Artists | Calgary, Canada

December 2016 | ArtSpot | Calgary, Canada

November/December 2016 | ArtSpot Winter Market | Calgary, Canada

June 2016 | Mixture of Art and Craft Markets | Manchester, England

April 2016 | Art Exhibition | Calgary

December 2015 | Art Spot Exhibition | Calgary

November  2015 | ArtUp Exhibition | The Calgary Tower, Calgary | Exhibitor and Show Coordinator

October 2015 | Caprices Fine Arts Exhibition| Calgary

September 2014 | ArtUp Exhibition | Calgary Tower, Calgary | Exhibitor and Show Coordinator

April 2013  –  May 2013 |Solo Exhibition | Café Koi, Calgary

December 2012 | Exhibition | CaVa Bien, Calgary.

November 2011 | Artsploration Group Exhibition| Hillhurst/Sunnyside, Calgary


Art Instruction:

September 2016 – December 2016 | Adult Studio Class

September 2013  – December 2013 | Adult Beginners Acrylic Class | Hillhurst/Sunnyside | Calgary

April 2013 | Demo/workshop | Ipad APP Instruction: ArtRage |Calgary

October 2012 | Mixed Media Demo | Calgary

November 2012 | Ipad APP Instruction: ArtRage | Kensington Art Studios, Calgary

November 2012 | 2 days as Artist in Residence | Rundle College, Calgary

September 2012 – Ipad APP Demo: ArtRage | Calgary